dimanche 7 octobre 2012

Andrea slutty outfits

I see the girl today..we have a chat and she say: "Andrea Aubade:i meet hin get dressed and he fucks me nuances4: at hotel room..humm Andrea Aubade: in hotel rroom once and at his home also in cinema nuances4: wow a full time whoring for our slutty boi Andrea Aubade: ooh yees Andrea Aubade: u like this little dress i wear? nuances4: yes she is very sexy..short mini cleavage and your ass very easy to put hands Andrea Aubade: yes Andrea Aubade: i got it second hand i guess used by a whore before nuances4: you buy her at other whore..and the dress know in memory many fucks Andrea Aubade: at least 5 men fucked me wearing it" She sent a lot of pics and you can see them's in the days to come..today i post a few to show what we have in the show..comments welcome friends

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