mercredi 14 avril 2010

She make a test

She tested herself on a sissy maid test and that the choice here:
" I am a chamber maid
Andrea Aubade: You are almost perfect - but only almost! A good maid will never have finished learning. You know the way a sissy maid has to be dressed to look the part. Well sissy, it looks like you know at least the basics about body care. But knowing about basics isn't good enough, a Mistress does expect a higher standard. Your house work abilities are not bad but remember - a sissy maids work is never done. You are on the right way to keep your stupid sexual urges under control. You are not a man, you are a sissy now. Pull yourself together, girl. You know the basics of obedience but keeping on going like this will earn you severe punishments in future. You know to take your punishment with pride and you are willing to learn from it."
Andrea Aubade: 84% score


if you want know her dates and cam see that link dears: