samedi 21 janvier 2012


See Andrea today and share with her: ..what happens.. nuances4: you were so whore that don't have time to come? Andrea Aubade: yes i am bbusy sucking coick nuances4: every day and every come chubby with proteine lol Andrea Aubade: hihi nuances4: hihi Andrea Aubade: had a few men who sarted to fuck me twice a week nuances4: it's good Andrea Aubade: yes and i enjoy pleasing men nuances4: i know and know to they turn have usual users or news everyday like a hooker Andrea Aubade: yes Andrea Aubade: i get text message come at noon so i fuck you nuances4: you go on your knees and say i come Andrea Aubade: yes Andrea Aubade: write that i am a busy whore in the moment Andrea Aubade: getting horny if i have to suck cock nuances4: you are always horny and hot !!!! that was we say before i come here and post as she requested

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