jeudi 23 juin 2011


Andrea Aubade: all real
Andrea Aubade: me
Andrea Aubade: ulike? me as whore for two guys
nuances4: great it was when with two blacks boys

Andrea Aubade: i meet them in a sex shop i klooked for lingerie and they said they want to fuck me
nuances4: it's not frequent with them..they fuck whites and take are a luky girl
Andrea Aubade: they like white fem boys in ligerie
nuances4: yes they call them white male wives
nuances4: you see them where
Andrea Aubade: chicago
Andrea Aubade: they called wife yes
Andrea Aubade est en train de saisir du texte...
Andrea Aubade: and sissy and whore

nuances4: aaf001 104 its same day?
Andrea Aubade: yes

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