jeudi 9 septembre 2010

Years ago a dirdnl week end

and undies are that's

Last day andrea chat with me and say that:

Hi andrea where do you take thats?
these outdor pics
were taken near Salzburg,
first i was dressing inlingerie in htotel for this guy
a guy from internet or where
i meet him thrrough my first bf who made me wear lingerie
the first bf moved away
and one day i got a phone call from this guy
referingto my first bf
and he said he want to met me
he invited me to his hotel room
and he said i have to bring lingerie and Dirndl
and that was your first time with him
yes this was first time with him
i dressd in his room
as u see on the pics
and i had to suck his dick
: and he fuckes me in th room long time
that was in 1999
longt time ago i wa s in my twenties
and the second day he had a day off and his meeting finished ; so he took me out and i had to wear the Dirndl and he was walking with me and i had to give him blow job in the forest
Andrea Aubade: and in car
that was your first time and after that first date
Andrea Aubade: he askes me a few times to come again mostly in salzburg then
i think i have some more photos from other dates not shure
i just tell u waht happend
its long toime ago
yes and after that date
Andrea Aubade: he liekd that I quickly take his cock in my mouth just for a fem minuntes and he tells me once people come in sight
he fucked me in the forest standing from behid...
he make you dogging as good exhibitionist gurl
Andrea Aubade: he brought me back to trainstation and into the train for me to get home I changed back to boy clotehs in toilet of train
yes he doogyfucked me
but nobody saw us
and its easy with a skirt u just put skirt down nobody sees u just have been fucked
he loved it
and it was nice and sunny
and you loved that and the fear to be saw or more
Andrea Aubade: iloved it yes if its not so obvious i enjoy fucked outdoors
i think it was in salzburg and outdoor somwher on country side
i dont remember ...

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