lundi 24 août 2009


thinks you can see that pics...when they are take dear ANDREA TV GIRLY say me how she start as wear girls clothes and in the same time tease a man.

That start or winter hollidays more than 20 years ago..after a trip to ski where he knpw her first girl and make love young Tom come very curious on undies and outfits..he come in some strore and touch caress or see the goods things.
A day a man in more than 30 come to him and say he want take clothes for a nephew and niece and say Tom t choose for them..After that the man invite yourng boy to his home and say that Tom as the shape of her niece and if he want try the material.
Tom blushed and say he was a boy..the man laugth and give him a look saying that if he make that he give him a platine and disk..
for that first time Tom try only a dress and some thongs, bras and stockings...the man take a few pics rubbing his cock in his trousers but say nothing more..
Tom was very proud of his/her shape in that and say thank you when the guy say he can come the near wednesday after school..
and this story must be continued if you like

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